Support and FAQ

How does Classtree work?

Teachers create a class and invite parents to join. Post announcements and parents will be notified on their mobile phone.

Parents can SIGN, PAY or COMMENT on your post or consents.

Classtree consolidates all responses in a results page for admin users / teachers view and download signed consents. Show sample

How do I create a class?

In the classes tab, touch "Add a class" button. Show

How do I join a class?

In the classes tab, touch "Join a class" button. Show

How do I invite parents?

Flexible, and there are multiple ways for your convenience.

1. Basic - you can invite through the class:

  • Select class, touch "Invite" button
  • Touch "+" button and enter e-mail or phone number. Show

2. If you have many parents, upload a list:

  • Login to
  • Choose My Classes -> Options -> Upload parents. Show

3. There is an easier trick:

  • Share a web link to your existing parents group. How to share
  • After the parents respond, go to the results page
  • Touch more options, then add to class. How to add

4. Send classcode to parents and let them join. Classreee can compose an e-mail for you.This is the most popular way. You can send instructions through your regular news letter.

  • Touch on the link shown after creating the class. Or, select class -> settings -> "Email class code" Show

How do I post?

Select class, type your message in the textbox below Show

Can I send memos, consents, documents etc?

Yes Show

  • You can attach documents & Photos.
  • You can add a PDF and ask parents to sign.
  • You can drop a sign holder for parents to sign.
  • You can allow parents to respond with a note.
  • You can ask a specific consent question like "Please select yes if you are sending your child".
  • You can ask a quick question and get feedback, such as "Please tick if you are joining for tomorrow's festival."

Can I print report for my reference?

Yes, you can login to Classtree web portal and print parental responses results, download PDF files etc. Show

Can I just take picture of the form instead of PDF?

Yes, you can just snap and drop a sign link Show

How do I attach a PDF?

For iOS devices, use Dropbox app to pull the PDF. Android users can select from the local storage.

Can I invite parents from my contact list?

Yes Show

I am a teacher. My school invited me to join under school subscription. Do I have to allow?

Yes, teachers can go to notifications and accept the request. Whether it is to join a school or class, teachers must accept the request. Show

Can I attach my existing classes under school subscription?

Yes. you can choose "Attach to school" Show

Can I close a post so that further responses are stopped?

Yes. Show

Can I delete a post?

Yes. Show

Can I let another teacher to post in the class I created?

Yes. Go to class -> Members -> Choose the teacher -> "Give admin access" Show

Can I remove a member from the class?

Yes. Go to class -> Members -> Choose the member -> "Remove User" Show

How do I refresh my classes?

Pull down to refresh the class list or your contacts Show

How can I register as school?

Login to as a teacher, choose School -> Fill in the details and save Show

How do I add teachers under the school subscription?

Login to as a teacher choose School -> invite teachers. Please note that the teacher must have a Classtree account and the invitation must be accepted by the teacher. Show

What happens after the subscription period is over.

Schools can come back and renew the subscription. In case if schools decided not to renew, they still continue to use Classtree with the basic plan. All the previous data will remain for them to operate without any disruption. Classtree subscription plan is quite flexible for schools and open for custom requirements.

What if parents do not have a mobile phone?

They can login to to check the messages and respond. Consent signing is supported even on the browser.

What is Classtree?

Classtree is a parent teacher group communication platform with one-way messaging. Classtree has evolved into a complete solution for parental consents, PDF signing, templating and mobile payments.

Does Classtree support all platforms?

Yes. Classtree provides highly polished apps on iOS devices, Android devices and desktop usage through our website portal. Parents may download the app or use web browsers to gain access and check for announcements and updates from the school.

How does Classtree save 2 hours a day for teachers?

Let's face it. Over the years, an average primary school teacher instructs enough students to populate a small town. That's a major role for teachers to focus and everything has to be secondary.

However, teachers today work overtime due to the endless amounts of paperwork! Mostly consent forms and endless reminders to forgetful parents. After consulting with teachers, Classtree has come to a conclusion that teachers spend an average of about 2 hours a day on administrative work (sorting and filtering forms, distributing and collecting forms from students, reminding parents, updating student details and information on the computer etc.,).

Classtree hopes to solve this issue and to put our teachers’ time to efficient use (or effective rest!) by reducing preparation of information onto hard documents and long hours on the computer, into to a simple touch on their mobile phones.

Reporting is now as simple as sharing a link. Classtree consolidates and prepares a results page for admin users to download all parental consents from the Classtree website portal.

How do I subscribe?

Subscribers may register as a Teacher or School.

Schools may use the Classtree website portal ( to register an account before sending teachers the request to sign up, register an account and to submit for verification.

Teachers may subscribe using their iTunes account for iOS devices or Playstore account for Android devices.

Once your school has verified the application, the school logo will appear on the classes created by the teachers.

Can I invite parents in a batch?

Yes. You can upload an excel file containing all the parents’ contact details to invite batches of parents into various class groups. Note that this can only be done through the Classtree website portal: Show

Can I control privacy of my class?

Yes, after creating the class, go to class settings icon and choose "Make class private"

What is a private class?

When a class is private, persons who have knowledge of the class code will still need to be invited by the teacher to join the class group in order to gain access to information shared within the group.

Will parents know teachers' mobile phone number?

No. When you invite parents to join the group, Classtree sends the invites by SMS (with a unique, non-contactable number)/ email to invitees. However, note that there will be a limit on the number of SMS-invites that can be sent through a basic account. Extend this limitation when you Upgrade to a Pro Account today!

Can I send attachments?


How do I attach PDF files?

For iOS, download Dropbox app and Classtree will pull files from Dropbox. For android apps, you can choose the file from the SD Card.

What is mobile signing?

Mobile Signing is a feature on Classtree that allows the school and their teachers to gather parental consent on upcoming activities or changes that a school might what to receive feedback on. Such a feature lessens the teacher’s workload and helps to safe precious time since parents will be able to reply to the announcement on the go:

  • Classtree generates e-Sign
  • Teachers forward the link together with event information to existing parents group
  • Parents sign with or without the app
  • All parents are verified by phone number
  • E-Signatures will be embedded on the form
  • Admin downloads consents from results page

What is consent question?

You can seamlessly create and send notifications with text contents providing information and details of the event in concern when seeking parental consent. A question confirming their consent could then follow. For instance: "Do you give consent for your child’s attendance to the above event?" for a consent request pertaining to a Zoo trip.

What is tick and cross?

Teachers can use Classtree to send a quick question to parents and provide them with the options Yes (tick) and No (Cross).

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